Located Offshore On or Adjacent to Gas Production Facilities and Close to Offshore Windfarm Substations.

Our philosophy is to apply existing state of the art technology to deliver ultra efficient dispatchable power.


State of the art Open Cycle Gas Turbine generators. These are industrial versions of aircraft engines which have been developed to be highly reliable, incredibly efficient through deployment many thousands of times.

We want to use the UK's vast investment in its offshore energy infrastructure more efficiently.

50% Spare Capacity


The new generated power will be exported through the existing offshore windfarm transmission infrastructure.

Utilising up to 50% spare capacity available from intermittency of wind generation.

Secure, Greener, Reliable Power.


We believe that TiGRE provides a transitional technology to help deliver the UK's carbon reduction targets.

The exported electricity entering the national grid would come from a combined mix of gas and offshore wind.

TiGRE Concept

The TiGRE concept - Indigo Power

Cross Industry Collaboration and Alignment with Government Policies and Priorities.

Key Benefits to Gas Field Operators

  • Alternative route to market
  • Extend gas production from mature assets
  • Defer decommissioning
  • Tax efficiency
  • Replace existing power generation on gas fields
  • Increase booked gas reserves

Added Value

Key Benefits to Wind Farm Operators

  • Balancing power availability at point of inter connection
  • More efficient use of transmission infrastructure, reducing overall cost of offshore wind power
  • Lower cost of operations & maintenance through sharing services
  • Opportunity to achieve continuous lower costs and increase deployment of offshore windfarms in UK

Key Benefits to UK PLC

  • Reduce the cost of power to UK consumers by more efficient use of gas for power generation and use of transmission
  • Align with government energy policy
  • Extend the life of indigenous natural gas resources and reducing reliance on imports
  • Reduce exposure to decommissioning liabilities
  • A transitional energy solution to zero carbon in 2050
  • Be carbon capture ready
  • Safeguard local jobs and businesses dependent on gas production in the Southern North Sea for a further 10 to 15 years
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